The world is getting better.

This is not just a value. It is a fact. Child mortality has never been so low (per 1000 born) and life expectancy has never been so high as it is today. This is very much a result of economic growth and education. The population of our planet learn, explore and share knowledge about the world we are living within. This process has been going on for a while. The industrial revolution was a break through for mankind and what we have been facing now the last decades, the information revolution, the development of internet based information systems, has acted as a catalyst in the whole economy and society. Information is now more available than ever before. Sales channels that previously only were available for a few are now available for every one with an Internet connection. We have new tools for collaboration and communication which brings the world together and increase our efficiency. New platforms have been developed for expressing and form opinion.

Much has changed, but there are still much to do. The information revolution is ongoing and new systems reach the market every day. Still there are many parts of the community where an information system could offer change to the better. The full potential is far from reached. We can also see that many new challenges and problems has emerged together with the new information systems. Profolo IT would like to take part in the discussion regarding the information systems of tomorrow.

Profolo IT and Information Systems

  • Knowledge regarding the human being, psychology, communication and society are as important as knowledge regarding the technical aspects of information systems. These aspects are important since they all need to work together in a smooth way in order to create systems that are efficient and harmonise.
  • The analyse of our surrounding world gets more and more important when it comes to information systems. Which effects will the information system have and do we appreciate them. The big information systems providers carry a staggering big responsibility when it comes to this.