Privacy Policy


Profolo IT and Pappa Kapsyl respect our end users privacy. This document is our Privacy Policy where we describe how we collect information in the Applications “Ugglan och Musen 1” and “Ugglan och Musen 2”.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information
Today is the user’s interaction pattern in our applications stored locally on the device and is not shared with anyone. In order to understand our end users better, enhance our apps and services and improve the overall experience we might consider in the future to use tools or third-party analytical software to collect the interaction pattern for analyse. This information is not linked to any specific individual and can therefor not be considered as personal information.

External links and the Parental Gate
External links such as our websites, social media, the app store and fill in forms are secured behind a parental gate.

When more than one application from Profolo IT is installed on the same device the user might be able to switch between these apps without going through a parental gate. In that case the linked application is also covered by this privacy policy.

Observe that this privacy policy is only valid for the applications stated in the General section and not for other services that might be reached by external links secured behind a parental gate.

User feedback form and Support form
The user may decide to provide feedback by utilising the feedback form. The user may also decide to provide feedback by filling in the Support form. In both cases Google Forms provided by Google is utilised. We refer to the privacy and terms for the Google services for further information for how Google handle this information.

Profolo IT handle this information carefully and we do not share the information with any third party except Google. In case the user decide to also provide e-mail address in order to get reply from Profolo IT or Pappa Kapsyl also the email address will be stored together with the feedback provided.

The provided information is shared with Carl-Otto Johansson (Pappa Kapsyl).

We take all the precautions we can to make sure that all information that we collect are stored in a very safe and secure way. However, Profolo IT is not responsible for any disclosure of the information.

If you have any questions, contact us at

This document was updated 2015-02-25.

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